Managing APIs the easy way.

Sound simple enough right? With our tool, it is. Our simple method streamlines your API integration management; we’ll take you through it step by step.

Step 1

Insight into your API landscape.

The journey starts by creating insight into your API landscape.

Add all the APIs you're using.

Add all the public and private APIs used in your organization. Complete your overview with the API versions you're using and add tags that make sense.

Invite your colleagues.

Invite your colleagues, we’ll take care of the rest: all your colleagues receive an e-mail in which we ask them to add the APIs they're using.

Your API landscape!

After step 1, your landscape is complete. APIs, versioning, tags: it’s all there. You now have a clear view of what's used throughout the organization!

Step 2

Start optimizing.

Start saving.
Start optimizing.

You now have full sight of your API landscape.

Make it a team effort.

Invite admins and make sure everyone pitches in. The admins receive all the important updates in your API landscape and will keep your API landscape up to date.

Optimize your API landscape.

Check if your APIs are up to date, merge duplicated APIs and check the subscriptions of all the paid APIs you're using. Apiwatch shows the way.

Complete your landscape.

Complete your landscape with relevant information. Check other sources in your organization like Github for example. Apiwatch brings it all together.

Step 3

Get notified on uptime and lifecycle status.

Your company evolves, which means your API usage grows as well. Apiwatch provides everything you need to keep your API landscape up to date.

Service emails.

Developer digests, feature releases and other updates - gather all these service emails from your API providers in your Apiwatch inbox. This way, your whole team can access relevant information.

API lifecycle management.

Never forget to update an API ever again. New API version released? API sunset or deprecation? You'll be the first to know. Jump into action on time.

Uptime notifications.

API outage and (planned) maintenance will occur in your API landscape frequently. Apiwatch makes sure you receive the right information on time so you can prevent or are informed on API outages.

Find your flow

Everything you need to properly manage your APIs.

Everything you need to manage
your SaaS properly.

All APIs

Simply add the APIs used in your organization, together with your team.

Tags that make sense

Create as many as you like and stay in control.

Service emails

Make sure your whole team has access to important emails from API providers.

Manage together

Invite your colleagues as admins. It’s a team effort.

API lifecycle events

Keep track of all API lifecycle event that happen in your landscape.

Uptime notifications

API instable or down? We'll let you know when it happens.

Slack integration

Integrate Slack and receive email notifications in your team's #channel.

ISO compliant

Apiwatch complies with ISO certifications, like ISO27001.